K-State Parents

K-State Parents

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When your “baby” drives away and heads to college, you may feel a mixture of sadness, pride and relief. Whether you’re an empty nester or just one bird closer, you finally have time to focus on your goals. You may choose to travel, run a marathon or explore a new hobby.

But, what about your own education?

It may seem counterintuitive to start your own educational journey at the same time as your child, but Kansas State University Global Campus makes it a seamless transition. Whether you want to finish your bachelor’s degree or finally start a graduate program, Global Campus offers a variety of programs.

There’s no need to quit your job or clear your schedule. Global Campus offers a variety of flexible educational settings, including:

• Online degree programs and courses
• Accelerated courses
• Evening courses
• Intersession courses on campus or online
• Community/technical college collaboration

In all cases, your classes are taught by the same expert professors who teach your student on campus. You’ll share the same powerful resources in two different educational experiences. Scholarships and financial aid are available for qualifying students.

If you’re ready to advance your career or simply expand your own knowledge, visit global.k-state.edu to explore programs and options. The only thing better than being a K-Stater is being a family of K-Staters.

Parents and Family Association

The PFA allows families to feel actively engaged with their students’ college experiences by participating in campus programs and activities specifically geared toward families. We’d love to see you at our annual K-State Family Day, a special tradition celebrating more than 80 years of welcoming families to our main campus.

Welcome to the family.

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